Commit 7baf3e1d authored by Philipp Arras's avatar Philipp Arras
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fixup! Use linear_transpose for adjoint of JaxLinearOperator

parent aea0988c
......@@ -158,9 +158,9 @@ class JaxLinearOperator(LinearOperator):
self._check_input(x, mode)
if mode == self.TIMES:
fx = self._func(x.val)
return makeField(self._domain, _jax2np(fx))
return makeField(self._target, _jax2np(fx))
fx = self._func_T(x.conjugate().val)[0]
return makeField(self._target, _jax2np(fx)).conjugate()
return makeField(self._domain, _jax2np(fx)).conjugate()
class JaxLikelihoodEnergyOperator(LikelihoodEnergyOperator):
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