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Added wrapper for safe usage

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......@@ -197,6 +197,21 @@ def optimize_operator(op):
# Insert trees before leaves
for key in key_list_tree:
op = op.partial_insert(same_tree[key][1].adjoint(same_tree[key][0]))
for key in reversed(key_list_op):
for key in key_list_op:
op = op.partial_insert(same_op[key][1].adjoint(same_op[key][0]))
return op
from copy import deepcopy
from nifty6 import from_random, MultiField
from numpy import allclose
def optimize_operator_safe(op):
op_optimized = deepcopy(op)
op_optimized = optimize_operator(op_optimized)
test_field = from_random('normal', op.domain)
if isinstance(op(test_field), MultiField):
for key in op(test_field).keys():
assert allclose(op(test_field).val[key], op_optimized(test_field).val[key])
assert allclose(op(test_field).val, op_optimized(test_field).val)
return op_optimized
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