Commit 7457ba6e authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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parent 27b65d45
...@@ -396,10 +396,6 @@ class Field(Loggable, Versionable, object): ...@@ -396,10 +396,6 @@ class Field(Loggable, Versionable, object):
logarithmic=logarithmic, nbin=nbin, logarithmic=logarithmic, nbin=nbin,
binbounds=binbounds) binbounds=binbounds)
# extract pindex and rho from power_domain
pindex = power_domain.pindex
rho = power_domain.rho
power_spectrum = cls._calculate_power_spectrum( power_spectrum = cls._calculate_power_spectrum(
field_val=work_field.val, field_val=work_field.val,
pdomain=power_domain, pdomain=power_domain,
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