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Trying to adapt to the now stricter checks by pyfftw.

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......@@ -250,7 +250,12 @@ class MPIFFT(Transform):
p = info.plan
# Load the value into the plan
if p.has_input:
p.input_array[None] = val
p.input_array[None] = val
except ValueError:
raise ValueError("Failed to load data into input_array of "
"FFTW MPI-plan. Maybe the 1D slicing differs"
"from n-D slicing?")
# Execute the plan
......@@ -363,21 +368,6 @@ class MPIFFT(Transform):
inp = local_val[slice_list]
# This is in order to make FFTW behave properly when slicing input
# over MPI ranks when the input is 1-dimensional. The default
# behaviour is to optimize to take advantage of byte-alignment,
# which doesn't match the slicing strategy for multi-dimensional
# data.
original_shape = None
if len(inp.shape) == 1:
original_shape = inp.shape
inp = inp.reshape(inp.shape[0], 1)
axes = (0, )
if original_shape[0]%2!=0:
raise AttributeError("MPI-FFTs of onedimensional arrays "
"with odd length are currently not supported due to a "
"bug in FFTW. Please use a grid with even length.")
if current_info is None:
transform_shape = list(inp.shape)
transform_shape[0] = val.shape[0]
......@@ -402,10 +392,6 @@ class MPIFFT(Transform):
elif slice_list == [slice(None, None)]:
temp_val = result
# Reverting to the original shape i.e. before the input was
# augmented with 1 to make FFTW behave properly.
if original_shape is not None:
result = result.reshape(original_shape)
temp_val[slice_list] = result
return_val.set_local_data(data=temp_val, copy=False)
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