Commit 69216daa authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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fix 2D RG plots

parent 1daa9c51
......@@ -226,14 +226,10 @@ def _plot(f, ax, **kwargs):
elif len(dom.shape) == 2:
f = f[0]
nx = dom.shape[0]
ny = dom.shape[1]
dx = dom.distances[0]
dy = dom.distances[1]
xc = np.arange(nx, dtype=np.float64)*dx
yc = np.arange(ny, dtype=np.float64)*dy
im = ax.imshow(fld.to_global_data(),
extent=[xc[0], xc[-1], yc[0], yc[-1]],
nx, ny = dom.shape
dx, dy = dom.distances
im = ax.imshow(fld.to_global_data().T,
extent=[0, nx*dx, 0, ny*dy],
vmax=kwargs.get("zmax"), cmap=cmap, origin="lower",
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