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Update ChangeLog to note CF interface changes

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Changes since NIFTy 6
CorrelatedFieldMaker interface change
The interface of `ift.CorrelatedFieldMaker.make` and
`ift.CorrelatedFieldMaker.add_fluctuations` changed and now expects the mean
and the standard deviation of their various parameters not as separate
arguments but as tuple.
Introduce a simplified version of the correlated field model that does not
allow for multiple power spectra, the presence of a degree of freedom parameter
`dofdex` or `total_N` larger than zero. Except for the above mentioned
limitations, it is equivalent to `ift.CorrelatedFieldMaker`. Hence, if one
wants to understand the implementation idea behind the model, it is easier to
grasp it from reading `ift.SimpleCorrelatedField` than from going through
Change in external dependencies
......@@ -20,7 +39,7 @@ The implementation tests for nonlinear operators are now available in
MetricGaussianKL interface
Users do not instanciate `MetricGaussianKL` by its constructor anymore. Rather
Users do not instantiate `MetricGaussianKL` by its constructor anymore. Rather
`MetricGaussianKL.make()` shall be used.
......@@ -91,10 +110,10 @@ New approach for sampling complex numbers
When calling draw_sample_with_dtype with a complex dtype,
the variance is now used for the imaginary part and real part separately.
This is done in order to be consistent with the Hamiltonian.
Note that by this,
Note that by this,
np.std(ift.from_random(domain, 'normal', dtype=np.complex128).val)
does not give 1, but sqrt(2) as a result.
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