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Fix complex sample variance

This fix is necessary to make samples consistent with the Hamiltonian. Fixing the variance this way makes np.std(s) of a samples s with variance 1 havyield sqrt(2) and not 1. However, this fix is more compatible with the definition of the complex Gaussian according to wikipedia, and compatible with the definition of the Fisher metric.
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......@@ -238,8 +238,8 @@ class Random(object):
raise TypeError("mean must not be complex for a real result field")
if np.issubdtype(dtype, np.complexfloating):
x = np.empty(shape, dtype=dtype)
x.real = _rng[-1].normal(mean.real, std*np.sqrt(0.5), shape)
x.imag = _rng[-1].normal(mean.imag, std*np.sqrt(0.5), shape)
x.real = _rng[-1].normal(mean.real, std, shape)
x.imag = _rng[-1].normal(mean.imag, std, shape)
x = _rng[-1].normal(mean, std, shape).astype(dtype, copy=False)
return x
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