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Add docu to KL

parent eb60c29a
......@@ -58,6 +58,9 @@ class MetricGaussianKL(Energy):
as they are equally legitimate samples. If true, the number of used
samples doubles. Mirroring samples stabilizes the KL estimate as
extreme sample variation is counterbalanced. Default is False.
napprox : int
Number of samples for computing preconditioner for sampling. No
preconditioning is done by default.
_samples : None
Only a parameter for internal uses. Typically not to be set by users.
......@@ -74,7 +77,7 @@ class MetricGaussianKL(Energy):
def __init__(self, mean, hamiltonian, n_samples, constants=[],
point_estimates=[], mirror_samples=False,
_samples=None, napprox=0):
napprox=0, _samples=None):
super(MetricGaussianKL, self).__init__(mean)
if not isinstance(hamiltonian, StandardHamiltonian):
......@@ -94,9 +97,7 @@ class MetricGaussianKL(Energy):
met = hamiltonian(Linearization.make_partial_var(
mean, point_estimates, True)).metric
if napprox > 1:
print('Calculate preconditioner for sampling')
met._approximation = makeOp(approximation2endo(met, napprox))
_samples = tuple(met.draw_sample(from_inverse=True)
for _ in range(n_samples))
if mirror_samples:
......@@ -121,7 +122,7 @@ class MetricGaussianKL(Energy):
def at(self, position):
return MetricGaussianKL(position, self._hamiltonian, 0,
self._constants, self._point_estimates,
_samples=self._samples, napprox=self._napprox)
napprox=self._napprox, _samples=self._samples)
def value(self):
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