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......@@ -135,18 +135,17 @@ def test_VariableCovarianceGaussianEnergy(dtype):
dom = ift.UnstructuredDomain(3)
res = ift.from_random(dom, 'normal', dtype=dtype)
ivar = ift.from_random(dom, 'normal')**2+4.
mf = ift.MultiField.from_dict({'res':res, 'ivar':ivar})
mf = ift.MultiField.from_dict({'res': res, 'ivar': ivar})
energy = ift.VariableCovarianceGaussianEnergy(dom, 'res', 'ivar', dtype)
def get_noisy_data(mean):
samp = ift.from_random(dom, 'normal', dtype)
samp = samp/mean['ivar'].sqrt()
return samp + mean['res']
def E_init(data):
adder = ift.Adder(ift.MultiField.from_dict({'res':data}), neg=True)
adder = ift.Adder(ift.MultiField.from_dict({'res': data}), neg=True)
return energy.partial_insert(adder)
energy_tester(mf, get_noisy_data, E_init, assume_diagonal=True)
def normal(dtype, shape):
return ift.random.Random.normal(dtype, shape)
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