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Merge branch 'draw_sample2' of into draw_sample2

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......@@ -40,7 +40,8 @@ IC = ift.GradientNormController(tol_abs_gradnorm=1e-3, iteration_limit=N_iter)
m, samps = ift.library.generate_krylov_samples(D_inv, S, j, N_samps, IC)
m_x = sky(m)
inverter = ift.ConjugateGradient(IC)
curv = ift.library.WienerFilterCurvature(S=S, N=N, R=R_p, inverter=inverter)
curv = ift.library.WienerFilterCurvature(S=S, N=N, R=R_p, inverter=inverter,
samps_old = [curv.draw_sample(from_inverse=True) for i in range(N_samps)]
plt.plot(d.to_global_data(), '+', label="data", alpha=.5)
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