Commit 53eb3379 authored by Lukas Platz's avatar Lukas Platz
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improve AbsDeltaEnergyController logger output

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......@@ -320,8 +320,9 @@ class AbsDeltaEnergyController(IterationController):
# report
if self._name is not None:
"{}: Iteration #{} energy={:.6E} diff={:.6E} crit={:.6E}"
.format(self._name, self._itcount, Eval, diff, self._deltaE))
"{}: Iteration #{} energy={:.6E} diff={:.6E} crit={:.1E} clvl={}"
.format(self._name, self._itcount, Eval, diff, self._deltaE,
# Are we done?
if self._iteration_limit is not None:
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