Commit 4fa63fe3 authored by Philipp Haim's avatar Philipp Haim
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Merge sugar.get_default_codomain from Independent_SLAmplitudes

parent 7b2f7e8f
......@@ -424,14 +424,17 @@ def get_default_codomain(domainoid, space=None):
codomain. `domain[space]` must be of class `RGSpace`.
from .domains.rg_space import RGSpace
from .domains.hp_space import HPSpace
from .domains.gl_space import GLSpace
from .domains.lm_space import LMSpace
if isinstance(domainoid, RGSpace):
return domainoid.get_default_codomain()
if not isinstance(domainoid, DomainTuple):
raise TypeError(
'Works only on RGSpaces and DomainTuples containing those')
space = utilities.infer_space(domainoid, space)
if not isinstance(domainoid[space], RGSpace):
raise TypeError("can only codomain RGSpaces")
if not isinstance(domainoid[space], (RGSpace, HPSpace, GLSpace, LMSpace)):
raise TypeError("can only codomain structrued spaces")
ret = [dom for dom in domainoid]
ret[space] = domainoid[space].get_default_codomain()
return DomainTuple.make(ret)
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