Commit 4dc6837e authored by Reimar H Leike's avatar Reimar H Leike
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added consistency tests for the energies in the energies/ subdirectory

parent da4c17b3
......@@ -74,6 +74,25 @@ class Energy_Tests(unittest.TestCase):
energy = ift.PoissonianEnergy(model, d)
ift.RGSpace(64, distances=.789),
ift.RGSpace([32, 32], distances=.789)],
[4, 78, 23]
def testHamiltonian_and_KL(self, type1, space, seed):
model = self.make_model(
type1, space_key='s1', space=space, seed=seed)['s1']
model = ift.PointwiseExponential(model)
lh = ift.GaussianEnergy(model)
hamiltonian = ift.Hamiltonian(lh)
S = ift.ScalingOperator(1., space)
samps = [S.draw_sample() for i in range(3)]
kl = ift.SampledKullbachLeiblerDivergence(hamiltonian, samps)
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