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Starting to modify the Plotter

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......@@ -20,22 +20,15 @@ plotly.offline.init_notebook_mode()
class Plotter(Loggable, object):
__metaclass__ = abc.ABCMeta
def __init__(self, interactive=False, path='.', stack_subplots=False,
def __init__(self, interactive=False, path='.', title=""):
self.interactive = interactive
self.path = path
self.stack_subplots = stack_subplots
self.color_scale = color_scale
self.title = 'uiae'
self.title = str(title)
def domain(self):
return (Space,)
def field_type(self):
return (FieldType,)
def interactive(self):
return self._interactive
......@@ -52,32 +45,20 @@ class Plotter(Loggable, object):
def path(self, new_path):
self._path = os.path.normpath(new_path)
def stack_subplots(self):
return self._stack_subplots
def stack_subplots(self, stack_subplots):
self._stack_subplots = bool(stack_subplots)
def plot(self, field, spaces=None, types=None, slice=None):
data = self._get_data_from_field(field, spaces, types, slice)
def plot(self, fields, spaces=None, slice=None):
# `fields` can contain one or more fields
# if multiple fields are supplied -> stack the plots
data = self._get_data_from_field(fields, spaces, slice)
figures = self._create_individual_plot(data)
def _get_data_from_field(self, field, spaces=None, types=None, slice=None):
# if fields is a list, create a new field with appended
# field_type = field_array and copy individual parts into the new field
def _get_data_from_field(self, field, spaces=None, slice=None):
spaces = utilities.cast_axis_to_tuple(spaces, len(field.domain))
types = utilities.cast_axis_to_tuple(types, len(field.field_type))
if field.domain[spaces] != self.domain:
raise AttributeError("Given space(s) of input field-domain do not "
"match the plotters domain.")
if field.field_type[spaces] != self.field_type:
raise AttributeError("Given field_type(s) of input field-domain "
"do not match the plotters field_type.")
# iterate over the individual slices in order to compose the figure
# -> make a d2o.get_full_data() (for rank==0 only?)
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