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Changes since NIFTy 5:
MPI parallelisation over samples in MetricGaussianKL
The classes `MetricGaussianKL` and `MetricGaussianKL_MPI` have been unified
into one `MetricGaussianKL` class which has MPI support built in.
New approach for random number generation
......@@ -74,12 +80,3 @@ User-visible changes:
replaced by a single function called `makeField`
- the property `local_shape` has been removed from `Domain` (and subclasses)
and `DomainTuple`.
Transfer of MPI parallelization into operators:
As was already the case with the `MetricGaussianKL_MPI` in NIFTy5, MPI
parallelization in NIFTy6 is handled by specialized MPI-enabled operators.
They are accessible via the `nifty6.mpi` namespace, from which they can be
imported directly: `from nifty6.mpi import MPIenabledOperator`.
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