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Remove draw_sample for KL.metric

The information theoretic interpretation of drawing samples from the
metric of the KL samples is not clear. This may be the reason why it was
not documented before.
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...@@ -38,9 +38,6 @@ class _KLMetric(EndomorphicOperator): ...@@ -38,9 +38,6 @@ class _KLMetric(EndomorphicOperator):
self._check_input(x, mode) self._check_input(x, mode)
return self._KL.apply_metric(x) return self._KL.apply_metric(x)
def draw_sample(self, from_inverse=False):
return self._KL._metric_sample(from_inverse)
def _get_lo_hi(comm, n_samples): def _get_lo_hi(comm, n_samples):
ntask, rank, _ = utilities.get_MPI_params_from_comm(comm) ntask, rank, _ = utilities.get_MPI_params_from_comm(comm)
...@@ -260,22 +257,3 @@ class MetricGaussianKL(Energy): ...@@ -260,22 +257,3 @@ class MetricGaussianKL(Energy):
yield s yield s
if self._mirror_samples: if self._mirror_samples:
yield -s yield -s
def _metric_sample(self, from_inverse=False):
if from_inverse:
raise NotImplementedError()
s = ('This draws from the Hamiltonian used for evaluation and does '
' not take point_estimates into accout. Make sure that this '
'is your intended use.')
lin = Linearization.make_var(self.position, True)
samp = []
sseq = random.spawn_sseq(self._n_samples)
for i, s in enumerate(self._local_samples):
s = _modify_sample_domain(s, self._hamiltonian.domain)
with random.Context(sseq[self._lo+i]):
tmp = self._hamiltonian(lin+s).metric.draw_sample(from_inverse=False)
if self._mirror_samples:
tmp = tmp + self._hamiltonian(lin-s).metric.draw_sample(from_inverse=False)
return utilities.allreduce_sum(samp, self._comm)/self.n_eff_samples
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