Commit 4098940c authored by Marco Selig's avatar Marco Selig

fix in projection_operator._multiply for integer bandsup.

parent bfa6b7ab
...@@ -9632,7 +9632,7 @@ class projection_operator(operator): ...@@ -9632,7 +9632,7 @@ class projection_operator(operator):
elif(bandsup is not None): elif(bandsup is not None):
if(np.isscalar(bandsup)): if(np.isscalar(bandsup)):
bandsup = np.arange(int(bandsup), bandsup = np.arange(int(bandsup+1),
else: else:
bandsup = np.array(bandsup, bandsup = np.array(bandsup,
if(np.any(bandsup>self.bands()-1))or(np.any(bandsup<0)): if(np.any(bandsup>self.bands()-1))or(np.any(bandsup<0)):
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