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repair smooth_linear_amplitude and docs

parent 53d42bea
......@@ -29,7 +29,10 @@ from ..sugar import makeOp
def _ceps_kernel(dof_space, k, a, k0):
return a**2/(1 + (k/k0)**2)**2
res = 1.
for i in range(len(k0)):
res += (k[i]/k0[i])**2
return a**2/(res)**2
def CepstrumOperator(target, a, k0):
......@@ -56,24 +59,35 @@ def CepstrumOperator(target, a, k0):
amplitude whenever :class:`CepstrumOperator` is used as in
FIXME The prior on the zero mode is ...
The prior on the zero mode, or zero subspaces in the case of dim > 1,
is the integral of the prior of all other modes along the corresponding
target : LogRGSpace
Target domain of the operator, needs to be non-harmonic and
Target domain of the operator, needs to be non-harmonic.
a : float
Strength of smoothness prior (positive only). FIXME
k0 : float
Cutoff of smothness prior in quefrency space (positive only). FIXME
Cutoff of smoothness prior (positive only). Controls the
regularization of the inverse laplace operator to be finite at zero.
Larger values for the cutoff results in a weaker constraining prior.
k0 : float, list of float
Strength of smothness prior in quefrency space (positive only) along
each axis. If float then the strength is the same along each axis.
Larger values result in a weaker constraining prior.
a, k0 = float(a), float(k0)
a = float(a)
target = DomainTuple.make(target)
if a <= 0 or k0 <= 0:
if a <= 0:
raise ValueError
if len(target) > 1 or target[0].harmonic or len(target[0].shape) > 1:
if len(target) > 1 or target[0].harmonic:
raise TypeError
if isinstance(k0, float):
k0 = (k0, )*len(target.shape)
elif len(k0) != len(target.shape):
raise ValueError
if np.any(np.array(k0) <= 0):
raise ValueError
qht = QHTOperator(target)
dom = qht.domain[0]
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