Commit 3f730f24 authored by Reimar H Leike's avatar Reimar H Leike

found an inconsistency in model tests if the domain of position and value do not agree

parent 3517e77d
......@@ -34,9 +34,9 @@ def _get_acceptable_model(M):
dir = from_random("normal", M.position.domain)
dirder = M.jacobian(dir)
if dirder.norm() == 0:
dir = dir * val * 1e-5
dir = dir * val.norm() * 1e-5
dir = dir * val * (1e-5/dirder.norm())
dir = dir * val.norm() * (1e-5/dirder.norm())
# Find a step length that leads to a "reasonable" Model
for i in range(50):
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