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Removed remnant dtype in Field.

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...@@ -210,16 +210,10 @@ class Field(Loggable, Versionable, object): ...@@ -210,16 +210,10 @@ class Field(Loggable, Versionable, object):
self.val.get_axes_local_distribution_strategy( self.val.get_axes_local_distribution_strategy(
self.domain_axes[space_index]) self.domain_axes[space_index])
if real_signal:
power_dtype = np.dtype('complex')
power_dtype = np.dtype('float')
harmonic_domain = self.domain[space_index] harmonic_domain = self.domain[space_index]
power_domain = PowerSpace(harmonic_domain=harmonic_domain, power_domain = PowerSpace(harmonic_domain=harmonic_domain,
distribution_strategy=distribution_strategy, distribution_strategy=distribution_strategy,
log=log, nbin=nbin, binbounds=binbounds, log=log, nbin=nbin, binbounds=binbounds)
# extract pindex and rho from power_domain # extract pindex and rho from power_domain
pindex = power_domain.pindex pindex = power_domain.pindex
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