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get_ & bin_power_indices added; test version; TODO: redesign index handling.

parent 1300fa47
......@@ -1076,17 +1076,22 @@ class space(object):
return list(np.unravel_index(np.unique(pindex,return_index=True,return_inverse=False)[1],pindex.shape,order='C'))
## TODO: *new* `space` attribute `power` from *new* `_power` class carrying power functions and if-needed-computed index arrays
def get_power_indices(self):
def get_power_indices(self,log=None,nbin=None,binbounds=None):
pindex = self.get_power_index(irreducible=False)
kindex,rho = self.get_power_index(irreducible=True)
# pindex,kindex,rho = gp.reset_power_indices(pindex,kindex,rho)
#pindex,kindex,rho = gp.get_power_indices(pindex,kindex,rho)
if(log is not None)or(nbin is not None)or(binbounds is not None):
pindex,kindex,rho = gp.bin_power_indices(pindex,kindex,rho,log=log,nbin=nbin,binbounds=binbounds)
## check bins
raise ValueError(about._errors.cstring("ERROR: empty bin(s)."))
pundex = list(np.unravel_index(np.unique(pindex,return_index=True,return_inverse=False)[1],pindex.shape,order='C'))
return pindex,pundex,kindex,rho ## FIXME: order
return pindex,pundex,kindex,rho ## FIXME: order?
......@@ -329,6 +329,115 @@ def get_power_index(axes,dgrid,zerocentered,irred=False,fourier=True):
return ind
def get_power_indices(axes,dgrid,zerocentered,fourier=True):
Returns the index of the Fourier grid points in a numpy
array, ordered following the zerocentered flag.
axes : ndarray
An array with the length of each axis.
dgrid : ndarray
An array with the pixel length of each axis.
zerocentered : bool
Whether the output array should be zerocentered, i.e. starting with
negative Fourier modes going over the zero mode to positive modes,
or not zerocentered, where zero, positive and negative modes are
simpy ordered consecutively.
irred : bool : *optional*
If True, the function returns an array of all k-vector lengths and
their degeneracy factors. If False, just the power index array is
fourier : bool : *optional*
Whether the output should be in Fourier space or not
index, klength, rho : ndarrays
Returns the power index array, an array of all k-vector lengths and
their degeneracy factors.
## kdict, klength
kdict = np.fft.fftshift(nkdict(axes,dgrid,fourier),axes=shiftaxes(zerocentered,st_to_zero_mode=True))
kdict = nkdict(axes,dgrid,fourier)
klength = nklength(kdict)
## output
ind = np.empty(axes,
rho = np.zeros(klength.shape,
for ii in np.ndindex(kdict.shape):
ind[ii] = np.searchsorted(klength,kdict[ii])
rho[ind[ii]] += 1
return ind,klength,rho
def bin_power_indices(pindex,kindex,rho,log=True,nbin=None,binbounds=None):
Returns the (re)binned power indices associated with the Fourier grid.
pindex : ndarray
Index of the Fourier grid points in a numpy.ndarray ordered
following the zerocentered flag (default=None).
kindex : ndarray
Array of all k-vector lengths (default=None).
rho : ndarray
Degeneracy of the Fourier grid, indicating how many k-vectors in
Fourier space have the same length (default=None).
log : bool
Flag specifying if the binning is performed on logarithmic scale
(default: True).
nbin : integer
Number of used bins (default: None).
binbounds : {list, array}
Array-like inner boundaries of the used bins (default: None).
pindex, kindex, rho : ndarrays
The (re)binned power indices.
## boundaries
if(binbounds is not None):
binbounds = np.sort(binbounds)
k = np.r_[0,np.log(kindex[1:])]
k = kindex
if(nbin is None)or(nbin<3):
nbin = np.sqrt(np.sum(np.asarray(pindex.shape)**2))
nbin = min(int(nbin),len(kindex))
dk = (k[-1]-0.5*(k[2]+k[1]))/(nbin-2.5)
binbounds = np.r_[0.5*(3*k[1]-k[2]),0.5*(k[1]+k[2])+dk*np.arange(nbin-2)]
binbounds = np.exp(binbounds)
## reordering
reorder = np.searchsorted(binbounds,kindex)
rho_ = np.zeros(len(binbounds)+1,dtype=rho.dtype)
kindex_ = np.empty(len(binbounds)+1,dtype=kindex.dtype)
for ii in range(len(reorder)):
kindex_[reorder[ii]] = kindex[ii]
rho_[reorder[ii]] += rho[ii]
kindex_[reorder[ii]] = (kindex_[reorder[ii]]*rho_[reorder[ii]]+kindex[ii]*rho[ii])/(rho_[reorder[ii]]+rho[ii])
rho_[reorder[ii]] += rho[ii]
return reorder[pindex],kindex_,rho_
def nhermitianize(field,zerocentered):
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