Commit 34279eb5 authored by csongor's avatar csongor
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fix nanmin and nanmax

parent 8cf39e8f
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......@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@ from nifty.keepers import global_configuration as gc,\
MPI = gdi[gc['mpi_module']]
custom_NANMIN = MPI.Op.Create(lambda x, y, datatype:
np.nanmin(np.vstack(x, y), axis=0))
np.nanmin(np.vstack((x, y)), axis=0))
custom_NANMAX = MPI.Op.Create(lambda x, y, datatype:
np.nanmax(np.vstack(x, y), axis=0))
np.nanmax(np.vstack((x, y)), axis=0))
custom_UNIQUE = MPI.Op.Create(lambda x, y, datatype:
np.unique(np.concatenate([x, y])))
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