Commit 3275f4f3 authored by Theo Steininger's avatar Theo Steininger

Added hermitian_decomposition to LMSpace

parent 2a46181b
...@@ -111,7 +111,14 @@ class LMSpace(Space): ...@@ -111,7 +111,14 @@ class LMSpace(Space):
super(LMSpace, self).__init__(dtype) super(LMSpace, self).__init__(dtype)
self._lmax = self._parse_lmax(lmax) self._lmax = self._parse_lmax(lmax)
# ---Mandatory properties and methods--- def hermitian_decomposition(self, x, axes=None):
hermitian_part = x.copy_empty()
anti_hermitian_part = x.copy_empty()
hermitian_part[:] = x.real
anti_hermitian_part[:] = x.imag
return (hermitian_part, anti_hermitian_part)
# ---Mandatory properties and methods---
@property @property
def harmonic(self): def harmonic(self):
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