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Merge branch 'inverse_trig_nonlins' into 'NIFTy_7'

Inverse trigonometric and unitstep nonlinearities

See merge request !598
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......@@ -82,6 +82,14 @@ def _clip_helper(v, a_min, a_max):
tmp2 = np.where(tmp == a_max, 0., tmp2)
return (tmp, tmp2)
def _step_helper(v, grad):
if np.issubdtype(v.dtype, np.complexfloating):
raise TypeError("Argument must not be complex")
r = np.zeros(v.shape)
r[v>=0.] = 1.
if grad:
return (r, np.zeros(v.shape))
return r
def softplus(v):
fv = np.empty(v.shape, dtype=np.float64 if np.isrealobj(v) else np.complex128)
......@@ -141,5 +149,7 @@ ptw_dict = {
"power": (np.power, _power_helper),
"clip": (np.clip, _clip_helper),
"softplus": (softplus, _softplus_helper),
"exponentiate": (exponentiate, _exponentiate_helper)
"exponentiate": (exponentiate, _exponentiate_helper),
"arctan": (np.arctan, lambda v: (np.arctan(v), 1./(1.+v**2))),
"unitstep": (lambda v: _step_helper(v, False), lambda v: _step_helper(v, True))
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