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revert changes + update docstring

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......@@ -122,7 +122,8 @@ class JaxLinearOperator(LinearOperator):
func_T : callable
The jax function that implements the transposed action of the operator.
If None, jax computes the adjoint. Note that this is *not* the adjoint
action. Default: None.
action. Needs to return a tuple with the result as the first entry.
Default: None.
Needs to be set if `func_transposed` is None. Otherwise it does not have
......@@ -147,8 +148,7 @@ class JaxLinearOperator(LinearOperator):
for kk in domain.keys()}
func_T = jax.jit(jax.linear_transpose(func, inp))
elif domain_dtype is None and func_T is not None:
tmp = func_T
func_T = lambda x: (tmp(x),)
raise ValueError("Either domain_dtype or func_T have to be not None.")
self._domain = makeDomain(domain)
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