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# This Makefile implements common tasks needed by developers
# A list of implemented rules can be obtained by the command "make help"
help :
echo " Implemented targets:"
echo " build build pypmc for python2 and python3"
echo " buildX build pypmc for pythonX only where X is one of {2,3}"
echo " build-sdist build pypmc from the dist directory (python 2 and 3)"
echo " build-sdistX build pypmc from the dist directory (pythonX, X in {2,3})"
echo " check use nosetests to test pypmc with python 2.7 and 3"
echo " checkX use nosetests to test pypmc with python 2.7 or 3,"
echo " where X is one of {2,3}"
echo " check-fast use nosetests to run only quick tests of pypmc"
echo " using nosetests-2.7 and nosetests3"
echo " check-sdist use nosetests-2.7 and nosetests3 to test the distribution"
echo " generated by 'make sdist'"
echo " check-sdistX use nosetests-2.7 or nosetests3 to test the distribution"
echo " generated by 'make sdist', where X is one of {2,3}"
echo " clean delete compiled and temporary files"
echo " coverage produce and show a code coverage report"
echo " Note: Cython modules cannot be analyzed"
echo " distcheck runs 'check', check-sdist', 'run-examples' and"
echo " opens a browser with the built documentation"
echo " doc build the html documentation using sphinx"
echo " doc-pdf build the pdf documentation using sphinx"
echo " help show this message"
echo " run-examples run all examples using python 2 and 3"
echo " sdist make a source distribution"
echo " show-todos show todo marks in the source code"
.PHONY : clean
#remove build doc
rm -rf ./doc/_build
#remove .pyc files created by python 2.7
rm -f ./*.pyc
find -P . -name '*.pyc' -delete
#remove .pyc files crated by python 3
rm -rf ./__pycache__
find -P . -name __pycache__ -delete
#remove build folder in root directory
rm -rf ./build
#remove cythonized C source and object files
find -P . -name '*.c' -delete
#remove variational binaries only if command line argument specified
find -P . -name '*.so' -delete
#remove backup files
find -P . -name '*~' -delete
#remove files created by coverage
rm -f .coverage
rm -rf coverage
# remove egg info
rm -rf pypmc.egg-info
# remove downloaded seutptools
rm -f
# remove dist/
rm -rf dist
.PHONY : build
build : build2
.PHONY : build2
build2 :
python2 build_ext --inplace
check : check2
.PHONY : check2
check2 : build2
@ # run tests
nosetests-2.7 --processes=-1 --process-timeout=60
# run tests in parallel
mpirun -n 2 nosetests-2.7
.PHONY : check-fast
check-fast : build
nosetests-2.7 -a '!slow' --processes=-1 --process-timeout=60
nosetests3 -a '!slow' --processes=-1 --process-timeout=60
.PHONY : .build-system-default
.build-system-default :
python build_ext --inplace
.PHONY : doc
doc : .build-system-default
cd doc && make html
.PHONY : doc-pdf
doc-pdf : .build-system-default
cd doc; make latexpdf
.PHONY : run-examples
run-examples : build
cd examples ; \
for file in $$(ls) ; do \
echo running $${file} with python2 && \
python2 $${file} && \
echo running $${file} with python3 && \
python3 $${file} && \
# execute with mpirun if mpi4py appears in the file \
if grep -Fq 'mpi4py' $${file} ; then \
echo "$${file}" is mpi parallelized && \
echo running $${file} in parallel with python2 && \
mpirun -n 2 python2 $${file} && \
echo running $${file} in parallel with python3 && \
mpirun -n 2 python3 $${file} ; \
fi \
; \
.PHONY : sdist
sdist :
python sdist
.PHONY : build-sdist
build-sdist : build-sdist2 build-sdist3
./dist/pypmc*/NUL : sdist
cd dist && tar xaf *.tar.gz && cd *
.PHONY : build-sdist2
build-sdist2 : ./dist/pypmc*/NUL
cd dist/pypmc* && python2 build
.PHONY : build-sdist3
build-sdist3 : ./dist/pypmc*/NUL
cd dist/pypmc* && python3 build
.PHONY : check-sdist
check-sdist : check-sdist2 check-sdist3
.PHONY : check-sdist2
check-sdist2 : build-sdist2
cd dist/*/build/lib*2.7 && \
nosetests-2.7 --processes=-1 --process-timeout=60 && \
mpirun -n 2 nosetests-2.7
.PHONY : check-sdist3
check-sdist3 : build-sdist3
cd dist/*/build/lib*3.* && \
nosetests3 --processes=-1 --process-timeout=60 && \
mpirun -n 2 nosetests3
.PHONY : distcheck
distcheck : check check-sdist doc
@ # execute "run-examples" after all other recipes makes are done
make run-examples
xdg-open link_to_documentation
.PHONY : show-todos
grep_cmd = ack-grep -i --no-html --no-cc [^"au""sphinx.ext."]todo
show-todos :
@ # suppress errors here
@ # note that no todo found is considered as error
$(grep_cmd) doc ; \
$(grep_cmd) pypmc ; \
$(grep_cmd) examples ; echo \
.PHONY : coverage
coverage : .build-system-default
rm -rf coverage
nosetests --with-coverage --cover-package=nifty --cover-html --cover-html-dir=coverage
xdg-open coverage/index.html
Metadata-Version: 1.0
Name: ift_nifty
Version: 1.0.6
Summary: Numerical Information Field Theory
Author: Theo Steininger
License: GPLv3
Description: UNKNOWN
Platform: UNKNOWN
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