Commit 1f3d2f9b authored by ultimanet's avatar ultimanet
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Improved check in global_configuration module if libsharp_wrapper is available regarding 'lm2gl'

parent 45b16945
Pipeline #505 skipped
......@@ -21,9 +21,12 @@ variable_fft_module = variable('fft_module',
['pyfftw', 'gfft', 'gfft_dummy'],
lambda z: z in global_dependency_injector)
# gl_space needs libsharp
variable_lm2gl = variable('lm2gl',
[True, False],
lambda z: isinstance(z, bool),
lambda z: (('libsharp_wrapper_gl' in
if z else True) and isinstance(z, bool),
variable_use_healpy = variable(
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