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Merge branch 'mpi_scheme_by_environment' into 'NIFTy_5'

Set MPI parallelization scheme by environment variable

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......@@ -20,6 +20,35 @@
# Leave unchanged unless you know what you are doing!
def parallelization_scheme():
return "Standard"
# return "Samples"
# return "None"
"""Sets the MPI parallelization scheme according to the
environment variable `NIFTY_MPI_SCHEME`.
If not set, "Standard" parallelization is used.
Possible Values:
"Standard": Fields are distributed over all MPI instances
along their first axis.
This mode is useful if the fields involved are
too large for the memory of a single machine,
otherwise it is not recommended.
"Samples": :class:`MetricGaussianKL_MPI` becomes available.
The :class:`MetricGaussianKL` usually has
multiple samples for which it needs to perform
the same calculations.
:class:`MetricGaussianKL_MPI` distributes these
calculations to the MPI instances by sample.
This mode is useful when the "Standard" mode
is not needed and the calculations w.r.t. each
sample take long w.r.t. the MPI communication
overhead introduced by the parallelization.
"None": Disables all parallelization.
import os
scheme = os.getenv("NIFTY_MPI_SCHEME", default="Standard")
if scheme not in ["Standard", "Samples", "None"]:
raise ValueError("Unrecognized MPI parallelization scheme!")
return scheme
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