Commit 13b3dbba authored by Christoph Lienhard's avatar Christoph Lienhard
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Model docstring Part 01

the main introduction to the model class is missing
parent 4a362bd3
......@@ -28,18 +28,46 @@ class Model(NiftyMetaBase()):
self._position = position
def at(self, position):
""" Returns a new Model object, initialized at `position`.
position : Field or MultiField
Location in parameter space for the new Model object.
Model object at new position.
raise NotImplementedError
def position(self):
Field or MultiField: selected location in parameter space.
The location in parameter space where value and gradient are
return self._position
def value(self):
Field : value of the model.
The value of the model at given `position`.
return self._value
def gradient(self):
LinearOperator : The derivative of the model at given `position`.
return self._gradient
def __getitem__(self, key):
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