Commit 13b14bf5 authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke

try to improve serialization test

parent d330fcc4
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......@@ -21,31 +21,18 @@ import unittest
from numpy.testing import assert_equal
from keepers import Repository
from test.common import expand, generate_spaces
from nose.plugins.skip import SkipTest
import os
import h5py
#except ImportError:
# h5py_available = False
# h5py_available = True
if h5py_available:
class SpaceSerializationTests(unittest.TestCase):
# variable to hold the repository
_repo = None
def setUpClass(cls):
cls._repo = Repository('test.h5')
class SpaceSerializationTests(unittest.TestCase):
@expand([[space] for space in generate_spaces()])
def test_serialization(self, space):
self._repo.add(space, 'space')
import h5py
except ImportError:
raise SkipTest
repo = Repository('test.h5')
repo.add(space, 'space')
assert_equal(space, self._repo.get('space'))
def tearDownClass(cls):
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