Commit 0f3dc097 authored by Pumpe, Daniel (dpumpe)'s avatar Pumpe, Daniel (dpumpe)
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correct import of modules and update of wiener filter unit test case

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......@@ -42,12 +42,12 @@ class ResponseOperator(LinearOperator):
def _times(self, x, spaces):
res = self._kernel.times(x)
res = self._exposure * res
return Field(self._target, val=res.val)
return Field(self._target, val=res.val, dtype=np.float64)
def _adjoint_times(self, x, spaces):
# setting correct spaces
res = x*self._exposure
res = Field(self.domain, val=res.val)
res = Field(self.domain, val=res.val, dtype=np.float64)
res = res.weight(power=-1)
res = self._kernel.adjoint_times(res)
return res
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