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SandwichOperator: Set `draw_sample_with_dtype`

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......@@ -98,6 +98,22 @@ class SandwichOperator(EndomorphicOperator):
return self._bun.adjoint_times(
def draw_sample_with_dtype(self, dtype, from_inverse=False):
# Inverse samples from general sandwiches are not possible
if from_inverse:
if self._bun.capability & self._bun.INVERSE_TIMES:
s = self._cheese.draw_sample_with_dtype(dtype, from_inverse)
return self._bun.inverse_times(s)
except NotImplementedError:
raise NotImplementedError(
"cannot draw from inverse of this operator")
# Samples from general sandwiches
return self._bun.adjoint_times(
self._cheese.draw_sample_with_dtype(dtype, from_inverse))
def get_sqrt(self):
if self._cheese is None:
return self._bun
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