Commit 0b7fea73 authored by Marco Selig's avatar Marco Selig

transparent backgound fixed; pool KeyboardInterrupt fixed.

parent ed80f6d7
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -2124,7 +2124,13 @@ class explicit_probing(probing):
return self.probing(zipped[0],probe)
def _serial_probing(self,zipped): ## > performs the probing operation serially
result = self._single_probing(zipped)
except Exception as exception:
raise exception
except BaseException: ## capture system-exiting exception including KeyboardInterrupt
raise Exception(about._errors.cstring("ERROR: unknown."))
if(result is not None):
result = np.array(result).flatten(order='C')
rindex = zipped[0]*self.codomain.dim(split=False)
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