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Added Versionable parent class to LinearOperator

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......@@ -25,8 +25,8 @@ from keepers import Loggable,\
from future.utils import with_metaclass
class DomainObject(with_metaclass(NiftyMeta, type('NewBase',
(Versionable, Loggable, object), {}))):
class DomainObject(with_metaclass(
NiftyMeta, type('NewBase', (Versionable, Loggable, object), {}))):
"""The abstract class that can be used as a domain for a field.
This holds all the information and functionality a field needs to know
......@@ -20,14 +20,15 @@ from builtins import str
import abc
from ...nifty_meta import NiftyMeta
from keepers import Loggable
from keepers import Loggable,\
from ...field import Field
from ... import nifty_utilities as utilities
from future.utils import with_metaclass
class LinearOperator(
with_metaclass(NiftyMeta, type('NewBase', (Loggable, object), {}))):
class LinearOperator(with_metaclass(
NiftyMeta, type('NewBase', (Versionable, Loggable, object), {}))):
"""NIFTY base class for linear operators.
The base NIFTY operator class is an abstract class from which
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