Commit 03d556e0 authored by Philipp Arras's avatar Philipp Arras
Browse files prepare for pypi

parent 2a1737f2
...@@ -35,21 +35,28 @@ def write_version(): ...@@ -35,21 +35,28 @@ def write_version():
write_version() write_version()
exec(open('nifty7/').read()) exec(open('nifty7/').read())
with open("") as f:
long_description =
description = """NIFTy, Numerical Information Field Theory, is a versatile
library designed to enable the development of signal inference algorithms that
operate regardless of the underlying grids and their resolutions."""
setup(name="nifty7", setup(name="nifty7",
version=__version__, version=__version__,
author="Theo Steininger, Martin Reinecke", author="Martin Reinecke",
author_email="", author_email="",
description="Numerical Information Field Theory", description=description,
url="", long_description=long_description,
"Bug Tracker": "",
"Documentation": "",
"Source Code": "",
packages=find_packages(include=["nifty7", "nifty7.*"]), packages=find_packages(include=["nifty7", "nifty7.*"]),
license="GPLv3", license="GPLv3",
setup_requires=['scipy>=1.4.1', 'numpy>=1.17'], setup_requires=['scipy>=1.4.1', 'numpy>=1.17'],
install_requires=['scipy>=1.4.1', 'numpy>=1.17'], install_requires=['scipy>=1.4.1', 'numpy>=1.17'],
python_requires='>=3.6', python_requires='>=3.6',
"Development Status :: 4 - Beta",
"Topic :: Utilities",
"License :: OSI Approved :: GNU General Public License v3 "
"or later (GPLv3+)"],
) )
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