Commit b2458cee authored by Theo Steininger's avatar Theo Steininger
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Added sample_callback to Pipeline.

parent 2e6c5343
......@@ -7,11 +7,12 @@ from mpi4py import MPI
from keepers import Loggable
from likelihoods import Likelihood
from magnetic_fields import MagneticFieldFactory
from observers import Observer
from priors import Prior
from imagine.likelihoods import Likelihood
from imagine.magnetic_fields import MagneticFieldFactory
from imagine.observers import Observer
from imagine.priors import Prior
from imagine import pymultinest
from imagine.sample import Sample
size = comm.size
......@@ -35,7 +36,7 @@ class Pipeline(Loggable, object):
def __init__(self, magnetic_field_factory, observer, likelihood, prior,
active_variables=[], ensemble_size=1,
pymultinest_parameters={}, sample_callback=None):
self.logger.debug("Setting up pipeline.")
self.magnetic_field_factory = magnetic_field_factory = observer
......@@ -44,12 +45,14 @@ class Pipeline(Loggable, object):
self.active_variables = active_variables
self.ensemble_size = ensemble_size
# setting defaults
# setting defaults for pymultinest
self.pymultinest_parameters = {'verbose': True,
'n_iter_before_update': 1,
'n_live_points': 100}
self.sample_callback = sample_callback
def observer(self):
return self._observer
......@@ -175,12 +178,25 @@ class Pipeline(Loggable, object):
# add up individual log-likelihood terms
self.logger.debug("Evaluating likelihood(s).")
likelihood = 0
likelihood = ()
total_likelihood = 0
for like in self.likelihood:
likelihood += like(observables)
current_likelihood = like(observables)
likelihood += (current_likelihood, )
total_likelihood += current_likelihood"Evaluated likelihood: %f for %s" %
(likelihood, str(cube)))
(total_likelihood, str(cube)))
if self.sample_callback is not None:
self.logger.debug("Creating sample-object.")
sample = Sample(variables=variables,
return likelihood
def __call__(self, variables):
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