Commit 1a2cb14e authored by Theo Steininger's avatar Theo Steininger
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Fixed bug in WMAP3yrMixin

parent 163cbe21
......@@ -5,7 +5,9 @@ from imagine.magnetic_fields.wmap3yr_magnetic_field import WMAP3yrMagneticField
class WMAP3yrMixin(object):
__parameter_dict = {('./Galaxy/MagneticField/Regular', 'type'): 'WMAP',
('./Galaxy/MagneticField/Random', 'cue'): '1'}
('./Galaxy/MagneticField/Random', 'cue'): '1',
('./Galaxy/MagneticField/Random', 'type'): 'Anisoglob',
def magnetic_field_class(self):
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