Commit a8223de5 authored by Theo Steininger's avatar Theo Steininger
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Fixed dtype bug in distribute_data.

parent d5c7bb26
......@@ -317,15 +317,16 @@ class distributor(object):
h5py_dataset_Q = isinstance(data, h5py.Dataset)
if data is None:
return np.empty(self.local_shape, dtype=self.dtype)
result_data = np.empty(self.local_shape, dtype=self.dtype)
elif np.isscalar(data):
return np.ones(self.local_shape, dtype=self.dtype)*data
result_data = np.empty(self.local_shape, dtype=self.dtype)
result_data[:] = data
elif isinstance(data, np.ndarray) or \
isinstance(data, distributed_data_object) or \
data = self.extract_local_data(data)
if data.shape is not self.local_shape:
if data.shape != self.local_shape:
copy = True
if copy:
......@@ -334,12 +335,14 @@ class distributor(object):
result_data = data
return result_data
# fix dtype
result_data = result_data.astype(self.dtype, copy=False)
new_data = np.array(data)
return new_data.astype(self.dtype,
result_data = new_data.astype(self.dtype,
return result_data
def disperse_data(self, data, to_key, data_update, from_key=None,
local_keys=False, copy=True, **kwargs):
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