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......@@ -70,8 +70,23 @@ pedestal_event_generator = event_source._pedestal_event_generator(telescope='M1'
#### Features
##### Monitoring data
Monitoring data are saved in `run['data'].monitoring_data` and can also accessed event-wise via the `event.mon` container. Even if they can be accessed event-wise, they are saved only once per run, i.e., identical for all events in a run. If monitoring data is taken several times during a run, the `run['data'].monitoring_data`/`event.mon` sub-containers contain arrays of the quantities taken at the different times together with an array of the time stamps. So far, we have
- Dead pixel information (MARS `RunHeaders.MBadPixelsCam.fArray.fInfo` tree), once per sub-run in `run['data'].monitoring_data['MX']['badpixelinfo']` (with X=1 or X=2) or `[tel_id].pixel_status`
- Pedestal information from MARS `Pedestals` tree to calculate hot pixels:
- `run['data'].monitoring_data['MX']['PedestalFundamental']`
- `run['data'].monitoring_data['MX']['PedestalFromExtractor']`
- `run['data'].monitoring_data['MX']['PedestalFromExtractorRndm']`
or everyting also in `[tel_id].pedestal`
Dead pixel and pedestal information are read by `magic-cta-pipe` `` class.
#### Changelog
- v0.1: Initial version
- v0.2.0: Unification of data and MC reading
- v0.2.1: Monitoring data (Dead pixel and pedestal information)
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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ with open(path.join(this_directory, ''), encoding='utf-8') as f:
description='ctapipe plugin for reading of the calibrated MAGIC files',
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