Commit 6da7ffc0 authored by Alessio Berti's avatar Alessio Berti
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Fix name of variable.

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......@@ -556,7 +556,7 @@ class MAGICEventSource(EventSource):
data.meta = event_data['mars_meta']
data.meta["max_events"] = self.max_events
data.trigger.event_type = self.current_run['data'].array_event[telescope]['trigger_pattern'][event_order_number]
data.trigger.event_type = self.current_run['data'].event_data[telescope]['trigger_pattern'][event_order_number]
data.trigger.tels_with_trigger = tels_with_data
if self.allowed_tels:
data.trigger.tels_with_trigger = np.intersect1d(
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