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Add import and group them.

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...@@ -24,16 +24,22 @@ from import DataLevel ...@@ -24,16 +24,22 @@ from import DataLevel
from ctapipe.core import Container from ctapipe.core import Container
from ctapipe.core import Field from ctapipe.core import Field
from ctapipe.containers import ArrayEventContainer, SimulatedShowerContainer from ctapipe.containers import (
from ctapipe.containers import PointingContainer, TelescopePointingContainer ArrayEventContainer,
from ctapipe.containers import MonitoringCameraContainer SimulatedShowerContainer,
from ctapipe.containers import PedestalContainer PointingContainer,
from ctapipe.instrument import TelescopeDescription TelescopeTriggerContainer,
from ctapipe.instrument import SubarrayDescription MonitoringCameraContainer,
from ctapipe.instrument import OpticsDescription PedestalContainer,
from ctapipe.instrument import CameraDescription )
from ctapipe.instrument import (
__all__ = ['MAGICEventSource'] __all__ = ['MAGICEventSource']
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