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Move from info to warning level in logger.

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......@@ -1313,8 +1313,8 @@ class MarsRun:
first_drive_report_time = Time(drive_mjd_unique[0], scale='utc', format='mjd')
last_drive_report_time = Time(drive_mjd_unique[-1], scale='utc', format='mjd')"Interpolating event information from {len(drive_data['mjd'])} drive reports.")"Drive reports available from {first_drive_report_time.iso} to {last_drive_report_time.iso}.")
LOGGER.warning(f"Interpolating events information from {len(drive_data['mjd'])} drive reports.")
LOGGER.warning(f"Drive reports available from {first_drive_report_time.iso} to {last_drive_report_time.iso}.")
# Creating azimuth and zenith angles interpolators
drive_zd_pointing_interpolator = scipy.interpolate.interp1d(
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