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Automatic versioning.

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# Try to use setuptools_scm to get the current version; this is only used
# in development installations from the git repository.
# see ctapipe/ for details
from setuptools_scm import get_version
version = get_version(root="..", relative_to=__file__)
except Exception as e:
raise ImportError(f"setuptools_scm broken or not installed: {e}")
# this is adapted from
# see for a discussion on why this needed.
from ._dev_version import version
except ImportError:
from ._version import version
except Exception:
import warnings
"Could not determine ctapipe_io_magic version; this indicates a broken installation."
" Install ctapipe_io_magic from PyPI, a local git repository or using "
" pip install "
" Installing github's autogenerated source release tarballs "
" does not include version information and should be avoided."
del warnings
version = "0.0.0"
__version__ = version
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