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Assign run number and mc flag.

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......@@ -117,15 +117,8 @@ class MAGICEventSource(EventSource):
run_numbers = run_info[0]
is_mc_runs = run_info[1]
self.run_numbers, indices = np.unique(run_numbers, return_index=True)
is_mc_runs = [is_mc_runs[i] for i in indices]
is_mc_runs = np.unique(is_mc_runs)
# Checking if runt type (data/MC) is consistent:
if len(is_mc_runs) > 1:
raise ValueError(
"Loaded files contain data and MC runs. Please load only data OR Monte Carlos.")
self.is_mc = is_mc_runs[0]
self.run_numbers = run_numbers
self.is_mc = is_mc_runs
# Retrieving the data level (so far HARDCODED Sorcerer)
self.datalevel = DataLevel.DL1_IMAGES
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