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Added shower reuse value also in the mono_event_generator

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......@@ -521,6 +521,7 @@ class MAGICEventSource(EventSource):
#fdp (mono version not fully tested)
data.mcheader.num_showers = self.current_run['data'].mcheader_data[telescope]['sim_nevents'] # total, including reuse
data.mcheader.shower_reuse = self.current_run['data'].mcheader_data[telescope]['sim_reuse']
data.mcheader.energy_range_min = (self.current_run['data'].mcheader_data[telescope]['sim_emin']).to(u.TeV) # GeV->TeV
data.mcheader.energy_range_max = (self.current_run['data'].mcheader_data[telescope]['sim_emax']).to(u.TeV) # GeV->TeV
data.mcheader.spectral_index = self.current_run['data'].mcheader_data[telescope]['sim_eslope']
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