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......@@ -25,15 +25,15 @@ python install --user
import ctapipe
from ctapipe_io_magic import MAGICEventSource
with MAGICEventSource(input_url=file_name) as source:
for event in source:
with MAGICEventSource(input_url=file_name) as event_source:
for event in event_source:
...some processing...
The reader also works with multiple files parsed as wildcards, e.g.,
event_source = MAGICEventSource(input_url='data_dir/*.root')
This is necessary to load and match stereo events, which are automatically created if data files from M1 and M2 for the same run are loaded.
......@@ -44,6 +44,27 @@ The reader is able to handle data or Monte Carlo files, which are automatically
Note that currently, when loading multiple runs at once, the event ID is not unique.
##### More usage
Select a single run:
run = event_source._set_active_run(event_source.run_numbers[0])
for n in range(run['data'].n_stereo_events):
for n in range(run['data'].n_mono_events_m1):
run['data'].get_mono_event_data(n, 'M1')
for n in range(run['data'].n_pedestal_events_m1):
run['data'].get_pedestal_event_data(n, 'M1')
Select mono/pedestal events over event generator:
mono_event_generator = event_source._mono_event_generator(telescope='M1')
for m1_mono_event in mono_event_generator:
...some processing...
pedestal_event_generator = event_source._pedestal_event_generator(telescope='M1')
#### Changelog
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