1. 21 May, 2020 1 commit
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      DL1 writer tool (ctapipe-stage1-process) (#1163) · 7e96382c
      Karl Kosack authored
      * add ctapipe-stage1-process (DL1 writer) tool
      * add entry_point to setup.py
      * data model v2.0.0: move simulation and instrument configs to /configuration group
      * added sample config file, and message
      * removed sample config from code (now in examples/config)
      * cleanup imports
      * add ctapipe-stage1-process (DL1 writer) tool
      * add entry_point to setup.py
      * data model v2.0.0: move simulation and instrument configs to /configuration group
      * added sample config file, and message
      * removed sample config from code (now in examples/config)
      * cleanup imports
      * use gain_selector in EventSource
      * use subarray from event_source instead of event
      * change default dataset splitting to tel_id
      (still allows old behavior as a config option)
      * add css fix for table bug in rtd theme
      * add data model docs
      * try to re-use same hdf5 filehandle everywhere
      * fix issue with large numner of datasets in pytables
      increased tables.parameters.NODE_CACHE_SLOTS to 3000
      * renamed DataChecker to Selector
      clearer what it does
      * changes to support passing subarray to ImageExtractor
      * renamed Stage1Process to Stage1ProcessorTool
      * use ctapipe.image.ImageCleaner
      * Set format version number to 1.0.0
      * updated some  metadata
      * use and output new CameraDescription
      - in /configuration/instrument/telescope/camera now have 2 tables per telescope: geometry_X and readout_X corresponding to the CameraGeometry and CameraReadout objects in a CameraDescription
      * use ctapipe.core.QualityQuery
      * switch to using new ctapipe.containers module location
      * fix problem with MCCameraEventContainer
      - photo_electron_image should not be a Map(), but a regular numpy array.
      * use metadata functions
      * remove a useless debug statement
      * use mask when computing concentration
      * Remove unused imports
      * Fixes and add test for the dl1 tool
      * add missing assert
      * event.inst.subarray to source.subarray.inst
      * Toy source (#1298)
      * Add method to guess camera radius
      * Make toy model a proper event source, add test
      * Add config=True to toymodel traits
      * Remove matplotlib from test of toysource
      * Place telescopes on a square
      * Fix signature of is_compatible
      * Fix and add test for is_compatible
      * Remove deprecated instrument from event container (#1294)
      * Remove deprecated instrument from event container
      * Fix hessio event source subarray
      * Fix notebook
      * More examples and notebook fixes
      * Fix description in instrument
      * Rename coordinates of NominalFrame and TelescopeFrame, fixes #1260 (#1299)
      * Rename coordinates of NominalFrame and TelescopeFrame, fixes #1260
      * Add copy=False in coordinate trafo
      * remove HESSIOEventSource (#1304)
      * Add array pointing to pointing, use .tel map (#1303)
      * Add array pointing to pointing, use .tel map
      * Add test for single telescope pointings
      * Add import lost in merge
      * Make arguments to enum_trait consistent, rename to create_class_enum_trait, fixes #1282 (#1306)
      * Make arguments to enum_trait consistent, rename to create_class_enum_trait, fixes #1282
      * Fix two remaining uses of enum_trait
      * Use np.count_nonzero instead of sum
      * Adapt enum trait to new master
      * Also calculate skewness and kurtosis
      * Also calculate statistics for peak time, move containers and function
      * Add h5py to dependencies, needed for astropy.tables hdf io
      * Replace 3 environment files with a call to sed
      * Implement and use island sizes
      * Adapt dl1 tool to new containers
      * Remove unused import
      * Move writing of instrument out of event loop and writer
      * Use Path for output file in stage1 tool
      * Move simulation output to /simulation in hdf5
      * Make tool output config only for debug
      * Make container fields follow natural hierarchy
      * Fix telescope list to mask, move it to the subarray description
      * Add docstring
      * Move number of islands to image.morphology, add function to calculate morphology featueres
      * Change MCDL1 Container to only have additioninal information
      * Adapt tool, write true image and parameters
      * Use correct default for integers
      * Add default check to prevent hillas errors
      * Remove duplication for image paramterization
      * Fix imports and return value
      * Fix one more import in tests
      * uncomment write_procesing_statistics
      * Fix logging for writer
      * Split test in test images and paramters
      * Fix more occurences of timing_paramters
      * Fix one more import
      * fix import
      * Fix missing h5py in setup, missing overwrite
      * added back h5py, accidentally removed
      - Needed for astropy HDF5 support
      - Needed for pip install
      * Move writing with h5py out of writer block
      * Fix wrong kwarg in metadata
      * change /simulation/run to /simulation/service
      * change /simulation/run to /simulation/service
      * reformat and optimize imports
      * Remove unused fields from mc header
      * Exclude correct columns to avoid warnings
      * Fix column exclusions in stage1 writer
      * Exclude mc timing columns
      * Adapt to updates to event source
      * reformat and optimize imports
      * small fixes (see details below)
      - remove output_path argument (unused) from write_reference_metadata_headers()
      - ensure EventSource uses `classes_with_traits()` in the Tool classes list (so sub-class configurations are included)
      * revert classes_with_traits(EventSource) back to only the base class
      and fix the example config
      * cur_obs_id -> event_source.obs_id
      * Add missing f string
      * Write trigger times
      * Store pointing info in dl1 tool
      * Only compare to last pointing
      * Move pointing into dl1
      * Store pointing vs. time in telescope wise containers
      * stage1: Use zstd compression by default
      * Improve defaults in stage1 config example
      * remove forced naming of mc → true
      Co-authored-by: default avatarMaximilian Nöthe <maximilian.noethe@tu-dortmund.de>
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  9. 11 May, 2020 7 commits
    • Maximilian Nöthe's avatar
      Calculate ring containment analytically (#1256) · 5d7f02f5
      Maximilian Nöthe authored
      * Calculate ring containment analytically
      * Add more tests, fix call order
    • Maximilian Nöthe's avatar
      Add more properties to EventSource, implement for SimTelEventSource, fixes #1286 (#1313) · c8b39554
      Maximilian Nöthe authored
      * Add more properties to EventSource, implement for SimTelEventSource
      For all EventSources:
      * obs_id
      * is_simulation
      * data_levels
      For SimTelEventSource:
      * mc_header
      * Remove unused and not working sources in ctapipe/io/sources.py
      * Use an enum for data level
      * Add new properties to ToyEventSource and test source
      * Split up simtel event source filling for better readability
      * Reanem DL1a/b to _IMAGES/_PARAMETERS
      * Use staticmethod where appropriate in simteleventsource
      * Add missing import
      * Make indentation in travis config consistent
    • Maximilian Nöthe's avatar
      Update tests with new ctapipe-extra, remove hessio remnants (#1318) · f4de1d03
      Maximilian Nöthe authored
      * Replace environments with sed call
      * Update ctapipe-extra, improve calib events test
      * Update eventio, add zstandard
      * Remove hessio remainders
      * Use lst muon file for test, add check on output
      * Add test for true image
      * Fix sed call in install
      * Ci and setup improvements
      * Move zstandard from pip to conda in env
      * Add --overwrite
      Co-authored-by: default avatarKarl Kosack <kosack@users.noreply.github.com>
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      2-Pass waveform integration à-la-CTA/MARS (#1215) · d8a8718b
      Michele Peresano authored
      * Added new TwoPassWindowSum ImageExtractor instance with its unit-test; PEP8-compliant formatting.
      * Updated slide_windows with better docs and variable names.
      * Corrected and updated TwoPassWindowSum.
      In particular:
      - array indexes were wrong by 1
      - initial window sliding doesn't touch waveform extremes
      - in 2nd pass windth and shift of out-of-readout predicted times were not modified
      * Fixed error for which array images were referring always to the same object.
      * Changed core thresholds as TelescopeParameter.
      * Added references to class documentation.
      * Updated CODEOWNERS file.
      * Fixed merge conflicts and updated code ( class definition + unit-test).
      * Fixed documentation references.
      * Fix docstring formatting
      * Revert subarray as a specific argument in ImageExtractor initialization.
      * use relative imports
      * Added changes required to run the test as before.
      * Added parametrizable toymodel
      * Updated test function
      * Call get_test_toymodel in toymodel to remove duplicated code.
      * Make _calculate_correction a private method for each image extractor.
      * Hide unused variable for transverse COG coordinate.
      * Fix error in test (it was always running only for 1 to 10 phe!)
      * Multiple changes, see description.
      - call to the class has been splitted,
      - bugs have been found  and fixed following bugfix in unit-test
      - given the fixed simulated waveform, the relative tolerance for this 
      image extractor can be now pushed down to 7%
      * Few formatting changes via black.
      * Spurious lines from merge conflict removed.
      * Removed unnecessary 'else' clauses.
      Co-authored-by: default avatarMichele Peresano <michele.peresano@.cea.fr>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarMaximilian Nöthe <maximilian.noethe@tu-dortmund.de>
    • Maximilian Nöthe's avatar
      Calculate muon image parameters (#1316) · 42a38741
      Maximilian Nöthe authored
      * Add function to calculate pixel width from area
      * Calculate muon image features in muon reco tool
      * Improve docstrings
    • Maximilian Nöthe's avatar
      Replace more usages of Unicode with Path (#1319) · e5bb444c
      Maximilian Nöthe authored
      * Use Path for output files
      * Fix error message in Path traitlet, add overwrite option
      * Fix Path kwarg
  10. 07 May, 2020 3 commits
  11. 06 May, 2020 3 commits
    • Maximilian Nöthe's avatar
      Hdf5 column order (#1308) · 86ec7b89
      Maximilian Nöthe authored
      * Avoid copies for astropy units in hdftablewriter
      * Make sure columns are written in order they were given
      * Add continue for duplicated columns
    • Karl Kosack's avatar
      Container Improvements and Cleanup for DL1 (#1301) · db990954
      Karl Kosack authored
      * changed DL1CameraContainer
      -  pulse_time → peak_time (in anticipation of later adding other pulse times, like rise_time, etc.)
      - added selected_gain_channel (also to DL0, where it was missing)
      * added  image parameters
      * remove deprecated fields
      * renaming
      * changed order of some container defs to avoid forward refs
      * change name
      * use event index in EventSeeker
      * fix EventSeeker to use IndexContainer
      * put event_type in Index, and use Enum
      EventType was a string, but that doesn't write easily to a file, so now it is an integer Enum
      * Added dtype,  ndim, and allow_none attributes to Field
      - by default not used
      - if speficied, will fail in Field.validate()
      - added a Field.validate() and Container.validate() method
      - fixed a warning in DeprecateField test
      * description updates
      * fix hessioeventsource
      * fix typo
      * one more fix for hessioeventsource
      * another hessio fix
      * use event.index in more places
      * more fixes for using event.index
      * pulse_time to peak_time everywhere
      * implement all event types
      * fixed some accidental refactorings
      * fix notebook
      * ensure containers appears in docs
      * update type of unit in docs
      * remove duplicate containers api from docs
    • Maximilian Nöthe's avatar
      Make arguments to enum_trait consistent, rename to create_class_enum_trait, fixes #1282 (#1306) · 92e62185
      Maximilian Nöthe authored
      * Make arguments to enum_trait consistent, rename to create_class_enum_trait, fixes #1282
      * Fix two remaining uses of enum_trait
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