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more object orientation

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......@@ -50,6 +50,20 @@ struct sharp_job
const sharp_alm_info *ainfo;
double time;
unsigned long long opcnt;
void build_common (sharp_jobtype type,
int spin, void *alm, void *map, const sharp_geom_info &geom_info,
const sharp_alm_info &alm_info, int flags);
void alloc_phase (int nm, int ntheta, std::vector<complex<double>> &data);
void alloc_almtmp (int lmax, std::vector<complex<double>> &data);
void init_output();
void alm2almtmp (int lmax, int mi);
void almtmp2alm (int lmax, int mi);
void ring2ringtmp (const sharp_ringinfo &ri, std::vector<double> &ringtmp,
int rstride);
void ringtmp2ring (const sharp_ringinfo &ri, const std::vector<double> &ringtmp, int rstride);
void map2phase (int mmax, int llim, int ulim);
void phase2map (int mmax, int llim, int ulim);
void execute();
void inner_loop (sharp_job &job, const int *ispair,const double *cth,
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