Commit 5e630a15 authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke


parent db4cc7cc
......@@ -44,13 +44,13 @@ MRUTIL_NOINLINE void general_convolve(const fmav<T> &in, fmav<T> &out,
const size_t axis, const vector<T0> &kernel, size_t nthreads,
const Exec &exec)
std::shared_ptr<Tplan> plan1, plan2;
std::unique_ptr<Tplan> plan1, plan2;
size_t l_in=in.shape(axis), l_out=out.shape(axis);
size_t l_min=std::min(l_in, l_out), l_max=std::max(l_in, l_out);
MR_assert(kernel.size()==l_min/2+1, "bad kernel size");
plan1 = get_plan<Tplan>(l_in);
plan2 = get_plan<Tplan>(l_out);
plan1 = std::make_unique<Tplan>(l_in);
plan2 = std::make_unique<Tplan>(l_out);
util::thread_count(nthreads, in, axis, native_simd<T0>::size()),
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