Commit 2977c7c5 authored by Martin Reinecke's avatar Martin Reinecke
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parent 220c7b57
......@@ -42,7 +42,6 @@ template<typename T> class Interpolator
double sfct = (spin&1) ? -1 : 1;
mav<T,2> tmp({nphi,nphi});
fmav<T> ftmp(tmp);
tmp.apply([](T &v){v=0.;});
auto tmp0=tmp.template subarray<2>({0,0},{nphi0, nphi0});
fmav<T> ftmp0(tmp0);
......@@ -57,7 +56,8 @@ template<typename T> class Interpolator
tmp0.v(i2,j) = sfct*tmp0(i,j2);
// FFT to frequency domain on minimal grid
// correct amplitude at Nyquist frequency
for (size_t i=0; i<nphi0; ++i)
......@@ -67,10 +67,15 @@ template<typename T> class Interpolator
for (size_t i=0; i<nphi0; ++i)
for (size_t j=0; j<nphi0; ++j)
tmp0.v(i,j) *= fct[(i+1)/2] * fct[(j+1)/2];
for (size_t i=0; i<ntheta; ++i)
for (size_t j=0; j<nphi; ++j)
arr.v(i,j) = tmp(i,j);
auto tmp1=tmp.template subarray<2>({0,0},{nphi, nphi0});
fmav<T> ftmp1(tmp1);
// zero-padded FFT in theta direction
auto tmp2=tmp.template subarray<2>({0,0},{ntheta, nphi});
fmav<T> ftmp2(tmp2);
fmav<T> farr(arr);
// zero-padded FFT in phi direction
void decorrect(mav<T,2> &arr, int spin)
......@@ -96,7 +101,7 @@ template<typename T> class Interpolator
for (size_t j=0; j<nphi0; ++j)
tmp0.v(i,j) *= fct[(i+1)/2] * fct[(j+1)/2];
// FFT to (theta, phi) domain on minimal grid
r2r_fftpack(ftmp0,ftmp0,{1,0},false, false,1./(nphi0*nphi0),nthreads);
r2r_fftpack(ftmp0,ftmp0,{0,1},false, false,1./(nphi0*nphi0),nthreads);
for (size_t i=0; i<ntheta0; ++i)
for (size_t j=0; j<nphi0; ++j)
arr.v(i,j) = tmp0(i,j);
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